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There is a new show at the Undercroft tomorrow... What with the almost constant barrage of Instagram and Facebook images that I've received so far, I feel I have pretty much seen it in its entirety already. I'm sure these platforms can be quite useful as a means of advertising, but something tells me that the Surprise element of viewing a new exhibition is all but lost. I remember back in the days before computers ruined everything, sorry, made a lot of things easier to do. The only notice that a show was going on would be an A5 piece of paper with an image or two, a title and maybe a list of Artists involved. I'd be intrigued by the image/concept and know a few of the Artists, and so want to go and see what they do together. They've done this for the new exhibition, and I will go along for those reasons anyway, but I've also seen it from virtually every conceivable angle...or rather I've already seen everything from all the 'best' angles, so what I see tomorrow can only really be a slight disappointment... I'm thinking that more subtle advertising on these platforms is definitely something to look into...not exactly cryptic '321' clues, but not blatant spoilers either. Somewhere in the middle would be with most things, really...

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