Once they were arranged on the wall, I set about simply joining them together…

Drawing Wall

I often draw as a meditative aid to thinking.  They are essentially Doodles and before starting this project I never really thought of them as anything more.  They are also almost never “finished”.  For the most part, I will draw and stop, then maybe continue at another time.  The component drawings that formed the basis of my Wall were all incomplete Doodles on mount-board off-cuts that I’d rescued from the trash

After a period of drawing on the wall as it was, I wanted change.  Therefore, one morning I took all the pieces down and put them back up again in a new arrangement.  It felt important for me to do this blindly to a certain extent, so I selected and positioned each piece based on physical shape and colour, rather than on the actual drawing.

The next incumbent saw me arranging the pieces with more thought about the actual drawings themselves.  I also felt that I wanted them all to be landscape orientated.