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Name: Andrew John Hornett

Date of Birth: 11/06/1975


Nationality: British


Address: Norwich, UK              





Dragonfly (2).jpg


2008-2010: MA Drawing: Norwich University College of the Arts

1997-1999: MA Fine Art: Sheffield Hallam University

1994-1997: BA(hons) Fine Art (Sculpture): Bretton Hall, University of Leeds

Awards and Exhibitions

2021: In-Decision, LAC, The Undercroft, Norwich

2021: Catalyst Arts, Outpost Members Show, Outpost Gallery, Norwich

2021: Transitions II, The Undercroft, Norwich

2021: A Long Weekend, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2020: In Situ, LAC, The Undercroft, Norwich

2020: In Situ:, LAC, Online

2020: 43 Artists, Cultivate Gallery, Online

2019: Singular, Special & Strange, St Margaret’s Church, Norwich

2019: Outpost Studio Holders Exhibition, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2019: Transitions, The Forum, Norwich

2019: Pure or Plastic?, The Universal Sea, Publication

2019: Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham

2018: Pause Reform, The Undercroft, Norwich

2018: Consume, Em-Re-Un, Nunns Yard Gallery, Norwich

2018: Outpost Studio Holders Exhibition, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2018: Rejuvenation, UNA Gallery, St. Mary’s Works, Norwich

2018: Intent, Cultivate Gallery, Online

2017: The (Accidental) Marks Made While Producing Art…, Cultivate Gallery, Online

2017: Revolution, The Undercroft, Norwich

2017: Light & Space, UNA Gallery, St. Mary’s Works, Norwich

2017: Place, The Undercroft, Norwich

2017: Outpost Studio Holders Exhibition, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2017: Sardines & Beer, Em-Re-Un, 13a Gallery, Norwich

2017: Something Black, Cultivate Gallery, Online

2017: 14 Days, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2016: Spiralling Upward, The Undercroft, Norwich

2016: Asylum, The Undercroft, Norwich

2016: Community, Outpost Studios, Norwich

2015: Looking Twice – Underground, The Undercroft, Norwich

2015: Convergence ‘15, Stew Gallery, Norwich

2015: War & Peace, The Undercroft, Norwich

2015: UNA Artist Group Show, Fabric Warehouse, Norwich

2014: The Lonely Arts Club Autumn Exhibition 2014, St. Augustines St., Norwich

2014: (un)imaginable, The Undercroft, Norwich

2014: The Lonely Arts Club Summer Exhibition 2014, The Forum, Norwich

2014: First Love and Other Stories, Stew Gallery, Norwich

2014: One Night Stand, St. Augustines St., Norwich

2014: Convergence, Stew Gallery, Norwich

2013: Dot Dot Dot, Nunns Yard Gallery, Norwich

2013: Open Exhibition, Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth

2013: The Lonely Arts Club, Red Light Gallery, Norwich

2013: The Lonely Arts Club Summer Exhibition 2013, The Forum, Norwich

2013: Inaugural Exhibition, Red Light Gallery, Norwich

2012: Miniatures, Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, Sheffield

2011: Facing Hard Times, (O-O-T-B Independent), Greyfriars Art Space, King's Lynn

2011: Flying Colours Fascinating Forms, Assembly House Art Show 2011 (Yvonne & John Millwood), Norwich

2011: Fourth Floor, Stew Gallery, Norwich

2010: Point of Address, Outpost Member’s Show (Peter Suchin), Outpost Gallery, Norwich

2010: The Bishop’s Art Prize 2010, Norwich - 1st place

2009: Incubation, Unit 5, Norwich

2008: TAO Studio Presents, Parcour 2 Gallerie, Nanlu Guxiang, Dongcheng, Beijing

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